a universal sigh (naushika) wrote in ohanythinggoes,
a universal sigh

Application Post

Welcome to Anything Goes!

This is an interactive community consisting of games, puzzles, challenges, and more, with three teams competing for points. The subject of activities are not always fandom-related, and there is a focus on variety of activities! So there are some graphics challenges and some writing challenges, but lots of other things too.

If you want to pimp the comm (you get 5 points for it!) you can get the code here!

These are the teams:

Team Squid
Team Puffin
Team Platypus

Team Squid is currently closed. If you really want Squid, you can still put it in your comment, but be aware it may be a wait before you get in.

Fill out the following form and reply in a new comment to this post to be assigned to a team. :)

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